Owner FAQ's

Why is Atlanta, Georgia a good place to invest in rental properties?

Answer: Atlanta, Georgia was listed 18th on the Forbes list of Best Buy Cities for 2017 because of the population growth and job growth. It was the largest city named to the list with 5.6 million people. The population grew by 4.7% from 2012 to 2015 and job growth was up 2.7% last year. In addition, home prices went up by 8% last year and are still considered undervalued. The Real Wealth Network also listed Atlanta, GA as one of The Best Places to Buy Rental Property in the Year 2017. Atlanta was also the top city on the ATTOM Data Solutions report, Single Family Rental Market for the first quarter of 2017. This report shows an analysis of the returns on a single-family rental property across 375 different U.S. counties and 6,000 zip codes.

Overall, the Atlanta market for rentals is very HOT. With the right Management Company, you'll be able to enjoy a nice return on your Atlanta Investment. Suncoast Property Management has found great success with investment properties.

When will I start to earn an income from my property?

Answer: The amount of work and marketing necessary to rent your property will determine how soon you start earning an income. With the help of Suncoast Property Management, a rent ready home just needs enough time for proper marketing to find a qualified tenant. The timeframe to earning an income will vary depending on the location, the condition, the price and the curb appeal of the home. It's not possible to provide an exact timeframe.

What will I need to do when it's time to close on my property?

Answer: Before closing, you will be under a management agreement with Suncoast Property Management. Our team will start immediately on turning your investment, marketing or renovating the home. All of the necessary details will be worked out before closing to help keep any waiting period to a minimum. If you have additional questions, call or email Chandler Janger. She is the Suncoast Property Management Investor Relations Manager and she will be happy to walk you through the onboarding process and all the details.

Will I be able to restrict my rental to not allow pets, large families and smokers?

Answer: Suncoast Property Management complies with the Fair Housing Act 100%. As a landlord, you will not be able to choose to deny someone that is a member of a protected class according to this act. However, you will be able to restrict your property to not allow pets and smokers, but you cannot deny someone due to a service animal. Suncoast Property Management strongly urges you to allow pest because most families have a pet. We charge a non-refundable pet deposit of $350 for each tenant with up to two pets.

How will Suncoast Property Management Report vacancy and occupancy details to me?

Answer: Please visit our Owner/Investment Property Management page. If you have additional questions, you may contact Chandler Janger, Investor Relations Manager for more details. Call (904)517-5939 x1007 or email cjanger@suncoastpropertymanage.com today.