Property Management Packages and Services

Management Services provided by Suncoast Property Management Atlanta, LLC:

  • No fees for sign up
  • Competitive fees for monthly management - discounts provided for larger portfolios
  • Complete accounting services, competitively priced for multi-unit management
  • One-time Tenant Placement Fee
    • Charged only once a tenant has successfully been placed in your home and the first month of rent has been paid.
    • Complete criminal background check and full credit check will be performed on all persons 18 years or older living in the home.
    • No tenant placement fee will be charged if a tenant is already in the home when Suncoast is hired to manage the property.
  • Maintenance
    • When maintenance is done to your property, Suncoast doesn't profit. You will only pay for the cost Suncoast has to pay for the repair or item replacement.
  • What will Suncoast provide for you?
    • Statements every month
    • Rental payments for all properties          
    • Both sent on the first of the month to the property owner
    • Complete access to maintenance reports, payments and statements online

If you need more information about our off-market homes for sale for investors or our investor packages, please contact our Sales Manager, Chandler Janger, at 904-517-5939 x1007 or email