Resident FAQ's

1. Is an application fee charged?

Answer: Yes, the application fee is $40 for the first adult (18 years of age or older) and $30 for each additional adult planning to live in the home.

2. How quickly will I be able to move in?

Answer: The date you will be able to move in depends on the home you're interested in. If the property is "rent ready", you will need to wait at least 7 days to move in. This time is used to process your application, which will include turning in income and employment documentation and a pre-occupancy inspection.

If the home you're interested in is currently being worked on, the move in date may depend on the progress of the work being done. It's best to allow approximately 20 days from your application to move in for any home having work done to it. However, this can vary, depending on the work needing to be completed.

If you have a HUD voucher, the process for moving in may take longer due to the wait times for HUD to schedule a home inspection with us.

3. How long will it take to receive approval for my application?

Answer: All applications take between 24 and 48 hours to process. A member of our staff will contact you as soon as your application has been approved or declined.

4. What are the qualifications for approval?

Answer: In order to qualify for a rental home, you will need to:

·         Provide proof of income 3 times the rental amount or more.

·         Have no felonies within the past 7 years and no misdemeanors within the last 3 years.

·         You cannot owe any amount of money to a landlord on your credit report, unless you can show you are making regular payments towards the debt.

5. What will I need, once approved, to move in to a home?

Answer: You will need to provide us with proof of employment and income and a full security deposit within 7 days of approval. After the full security deposit has been received, the home will be taken off the market and will not be available for other potential tenants. Before you can move into the home, you will need to provide the first month rental payment.

6. What number do I call for after-hours or emergencies as a tenant?

Answer: (470) 440-6540

7. What number do I call if I have a maintenance issue needing addressed?

Answer: (470) 440-6540, follow the instructions to reach the correct staff member.

8. What is the "Residential Portal"?

Answer: The "Residential Portal" is an online tool tenants can use at no cost. You will need a valid email address to sign up and use the portal. Once signed up, you will be able to pay your rent online, check on maintenance requests and make comments/notes about any concerns you have regarding the home.

9. Who should I contact about monthly rental payments?

Answer: Your assigned Property Manager will handle all concerns and questions when it comes to monthly rental payments after you've signed a lease with Suncoast Property Management.

10. What are the late fees, if I am late with my rent payment?

Answer: Rent is always due on the first day of every month and considered late on the fifth day of the month. A $50 late fee will be charged on the sixth day of the month and an additional $5 will be charged for every day rent remains unpaid after that.

11. Is there a minimum lease term with Suncoast Property Management?

Answer: All leases from Suncoast are for a minimum of 12 months.

12. Am I allowed to enter into a lease for more than 12 months?

Answer: Yes. For most properties, we welcome longer lease periods and will negotiate lower rent for longer leases.

13. Do you accept cash payments?

Answer: No, we do not accept cash payments.

14. What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer: We accept only money orders and cashier's checks for the application fee and security deposit. For the actual monthly rent payment, we also accept checks and credit/debit card payments.